December 15th 2017

  • Complex function plotting tool added.
  • Small UI changes.

December 12th 2017

  • Fixes to Mandelbrot and Julia sets zooming function which was slower than intended.

December 11th 2017

  • Mandelbrot and Julia set visualization tools added.
  • Solid of revolution demonstration implemented.
  • Small UI changes.
  • Subreddit created for suggestions and feedback.

November 4th 2017

  • Image convolution tool added.

November 3rd 2017

  • Linear regression tool added.

October 29th 2017

  • Small UI changes.

October 28th 2017

  • Wavelet reconstruction and basis visualization tools added.
  • Some fixes to the underlying wavelet decomposition functions. There is still something amiss but the demos should be usable as visualizations.

October 15th 2017

  • Small UI changes.

October 14th 2017

  • Missing plot of the last level detail coefficients for the wavelet decomposition fixed.
  • Various wavelet decomposition filters added.
  • Small UI changes.

September 16th 2017

  • Wavelet decomposition added. Currently Haar wavelet the only predefined wavelet with custom filter inputs. More predefined filters will be added.

September 15th 2017

  • Beverton-Holt and Ricker recruitment models added
  • Various interacting species models added

September 3rd 2017

  • Growth model topics implemented
  • Exponential growth added
  • Logistic model added

September 2nd 2017

  • Normal distribution revised
  • Student's t-distribution added
  • Chi-squared distribution added
  • Beta distribution added
  • Beta prime distribution added

August 29th 2017

  • Tangent plane contours added
  • Demo selection animation implemented to better guide users to the input menu
  • Heat and wave equation hanging issues fixed
  • Small UI changes
  • Changelog added