Easy to Use - For Students and Teachers Alike

Easy to use user interface designed to let non-programmers have tools to visualize and provide interaction with plethora of topics on mathematics. Mathematical expressions are simple and intuitive to use and shown in aesthetic $\LaTeX$ typesetting.

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Platform Independent - Use with Any Browser or Operating System

The demonstrations are designed to be usable anywhere at any time with any browser or operating system. No installations of any kind are needed, only a modern web browser. Have beautiful examples at hand anywhere you go.

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Variety Of Topics - From Function Graphing to Integrals and Fourier Transforms.

A wide variety of mathematical topics all in the same place. Illustrations on functions and more advanced mathematical topics such as convolution or Fourier and Wavelet transforms help build up intuition and familiarity with the abstract nature of mathematics. Demonstrations are also to build interest in mathematics and showcase its possibilities.

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