Why is there a site with a bunch of mathematics demos?

Truth to be told, I have had a long time plan to build a website like this. The spark for mathematics demos started when I was tasked with learning how to use the GUIDE ( Graphical User Interface Development Enviroment ) of MATLAB and develop some demos during my stint as a summer research assistant. The resulting demos did work, maybe not as efficiently as possible but the opportunity did provide excellent programming experience. The code did turn out a pile of spaghetti especially for the first demos though.

This did ignite a sort of passion for pretty looking graphs and plotting tools. The issue with MATLAB was the need for an expensive license and fairly unpleasent looking UI controls, both limiting the possible users. And even with compiling an application for users with no license, they would still need to download a large (but free) MATLAB Runtime. In other words a significant hurdle. So I thought maybe I should try out mobile application deveploment.

So then I decided to try out some Java programming with JavaFX and Gluon application builder. These technologies were a bit disappointing after about ten thousand lines of code and I decided to deprecate the project. Afterwards I still gave a final swing at mobile deveploment by creating a small curve fitting tool with Android Studio. Then I started thinking that a Single Page Application could work. Browsers work on all platforms and the demos are best utilized with a large desktop screen and with a responsive design it would be usable on tablets aswell. Smartphones might have too little screen space to support mathematical inputs and a plotting area. But still, a possible use case. So web deveploment it was.

All in all this is my latest iteration after multiple years of fiddling around building mathematics demos on various platforms. And I do feel like it is the most functional and user-friendliest I have put together. Hopefully you enjoy the demos which I have put together as a kind of a labor of love.